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Archbishop Eamon Martin’s New Year message for the 50th World Day of Prayer for Peace

Our commitment to peace and non-violence finds its deepest roots in the message of Christ our Saviour, born the Prince of Peace. - Archbishop Eamon Martin

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Church Leaders’ New Year Message for 2017 published on the theme “Hope in Christ in uncertain times”

Our eternal hope is in Christ, at this time and always, we fix our eyes upon Him - Church Leaders

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Pope Francis receives letter from Latin Parish of Aleppo in Syria

The Latin Parish of Saint Francis in Aleppo, Syria has sent a letter to Pope Francis ahead of the World Day of Peace, asking the Holy Father for his Apostolic Blessing for the many children there who have known only war. The letter – sent on 28 December and signed by the parish priest, Fr. Ibrahim [...]

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Pope Francis: Christians must “hope against hope”

Pope Francis returned to the theme of “Christian Hope” in the catechesis during the weekly General Audience. On Wednesday, he focused his attention on the figure of Abram, who became Abraham, our “father in faith and in hope.” Saint Paul himself pointed to Abram “to indicate the way of faith and of hope.” Abram’s confidence [...]

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Pope Francis pleads for peace in a world broken by conflict and terrorism

Jesus’ message of hope goes out to the ends of the earth to reach all peoples, especially those scarred by war and harsh conflicts that seem stronger than the yearning for peace. - Pope Francis

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Dublin’s Pro Cathedral seeking unwanted Christmas gifts for homeless people

Dubliners who may have been a little less than overjoyed when they opened their presents yesterday morning are being asked to help the city’s homeless by passing on their unwanted Christmas Gifts. The Unwanted Gifts Appeal at Saint Mary’s Pro Cathedral has grown into a fantastic charitable effort where people can re-gift those presents they [...]

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Archbishop Eamon Martin: ‘I am humbled by the many people who give their time and talents voluntarily to charitable works of mercy’

"I encourage you during 2017 to consider offering some of your time and gifts to help a charitable outreach or voluntary organisation. Become 'angels of mercy' yourselves." - Archbishop Eamon Martin

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Pope Francis offers the Pope Emeritus his Christmas greetings

Pope Francis has visited the Pope Emeritus, Benedict XVI, to convey to him his Christmas greetings. The visit took place on Friday afternoon, when Francis knocked at the door of the “Mater Ecclesiae” monastery in the Vatican where Benedict resides. As they do each year during the Christmas season, the two men spent some time [...]

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