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Bishops’ Council for Marriage and the Family reflects on the treasures of WMOF2018

The Bishops’ Council for Marriage and the Family assists the bishops in their mission, specifically as it relates to marriage and the family.

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Pope Francis calls on international community “to act with speed and decisiveness” to address the issue of migration

Pope Francis prays for victims as migrant boat sinks in Mediterranean

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The presence of genuine faith is a source of encouragement and hope – Archbishop Michael Neary

Archbishop Michael Neary led the annual Reek Sunday Pilgrimage on Ireland's holy mountain on Sunday 28 July

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Archbishop Kieran O’Reilly pays tribute to Irish missionaries ahead of Extraordinary Month of Mission

“From every parish in Ireland men and women have travelled literally to the ends of the earth as missionaries … It is an involvement that we can all be rightly proud of” – Archbishop Kieran O’Reilly

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