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Primate encourages new deacons: ‘Never underestimate the power of God’s Word’

Today, Friday 28 August 2020, the Feast of Saint Augustine, Callum Douglas Young and Juan Jesus Gonzales Borrallo were ordained as Deacons in Saint Patrick's Cathedral by Archbishop Eamon Martin, Archbishop of Armagh.

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Pope Francis: We are stewards of creation, called to ensure fruits of the earth are shared by all

Pope Francis focused his weekly General Audience on the importance of equality and mutual respect, in order to reflect God's love for us and for Creation during this time of trial caused by the pandemic.

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Pope Francis invites prayers for people persecuted for their religion

Let us pray for these, our brothers and sisters, and let us sustain them with our prayer and solidarity, even those who today are persecuted - and there are many - because of their faith and religion. - Pope Francis

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European bishops ask Christians to unite in the Lord’s Prayer for Belarus at 5:00pm today

Following the Presidential election in Belarus held on 9 August 2020, thousands of protesters took to the streets to reject the election results as manipulated, leading to violent clashes with the country’s security forces.

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