Don’t let statistics distract from reality of homelessness – Archbishops of Armagh

Home is a place of memories of years gone by, filled with familiar sights, sounds and smells and, of course, with the people who are most special to us. - Archbishops of Armagh

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Launch of publication on the family: A Word of Truth and Hope

A Word of Truth and Hope was prepared by the Council for Marriage and the Family of the Bishops’ Conference, published by Veritas.  It proposes a vision for the family which might shape our response as people of faith and as citizens to the diverse needs and challenges experienced in families in Ireland today. 

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We should not be afraid to hold and teach our sincerely held Christian convictions. – Archbishop Eamon Martin

Shrine to be erected next year in St Patrick's Cathedral Armagh to the former Archbishop of Armagh, Saint Oliver Plunkett and all those who, like him, were persecuted and martyred for the faith.

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