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Pope Francis grants indulgences for World Meeting of Families in Dublin

For those attending the events of WMOF 2018, the decree says that the indulgence is granted to those who ‘devoutly participate at some event during the ninth World Meeting of Families’.

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‘Love them both. Pray for both. Choose Life for them both’ – Archbishop Eamon Martin

Archbishop Martin's message, 'Love Them Both', was delivered at Masses over the weekend in the 61 parishes of the archdiocese.

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‘A much loved pastor, kind and caring’ – Tributes paid to the late Bishop Christopher Jones RIP

The Requiem Mass for Bishop Jones will be celebrated in the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Sligo, at 1.30pm on Tuesday 22 May.

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‘Being pro-life means protecting and loving every human being’ – Archbishop Diarmuid Martin

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin's message, titled 'The Church must always be Pro-Life' was delivered to the 199 parishes in the Archdiocese of Dublin this week.

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Bishops’ Holy Land Co-ordination group condemn violence in Gaza

Each year the group undertake a pilgrimage to the Holy Land as an expression of solidarity with the diminishing number of Christians who are living in the region and to offer moral support to the suffering Palestinian people.

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Archbishop O’Reilly invites faithful to become ‘Missionaries for Life’ in Spring Pastoral Message

In the coming days, I invite you to pray earnestly and to become “Missionaries for Life” so that the people of Ireland will “Choose Life.” - Archbishop Kieran O'Reilly

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Family the lens through which to shape Ireland – Bishop Brendan Leahy at Arbour Hill commemoration

Family was a central pillar in the lives of the leaders of the 1916 rising and can inspire us all in shaping the Ireland of the future, Bishop Brendan Leahy has said.

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