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Pope Francis appoints two Down and Connor priests as ‘Chaplains to His Holiness’

The title “Monsignor” is an honorific form of address granted by the Pope, upon recommendation by his Bishop, to a diocesan priest who has rendered valuable service to the local church or who has provided a specific and specialised function in church governance.

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Amazon Synod: The hope that comes from listening, reflecting and praying

Following the approval of the final document on the Synod of Bishops for the Amazon, journalists heard from Cardinal Michael Czerny SJ, and Bishop David De Aguirre Guinea, OP, in the Holy See Press Office.

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“All acts of violence and intimidation against people and property ultimately weakens society and demean us all.” – Monsignor Liam Kelly

Welcome towards friend and stranger is at the heart of our Christian faith.

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Archbishop Eamon Martin offers prayers for those affected by the human tragedy in Essex

“Migrant smuggling and human trafficking feeds on the desperation of vulnerable people, many of whom are fleeing from violence or economic uncertainty” – Archbishop Eamon Martin

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Bishop Fintan Monahan calls for prayers for Molex staff and their families

Bishop Fintan Monahan of Killaloe has called for prayers for Molex staff and their families following the announcement that they are to close their Irish subsidiary in Shannon with the loss of 500 jobs. Bishop Monahan said, “Like many others I was greatly concerned to hear the news of the phased closure of the Irish [...]

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Abortion is a brutal violation of the precious gift of life – Catholic Bishops of Northern Ireland

This is a tragic day for the unborn children who will now never bless our world with their unique and precious lives. It is also a sad day for our local democracy. - Bishops

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