An apple a day for the Sisters of St Benedict’s Priory in Cobh

13 Aug, 2020 | News

The Office of Public Works has come to the aid of the nuns of Saint Benedict’s Priory in Cobh, Co Cork, who had apples from their Bible Garden stolen last Friday night.

The ten wheel barrows of apples, are used by the enclosed order of sisters to make chutneys which are sold in the convent’s Tea Room. They are a vital source of income for the Sisters to keep their convent up and running.

The Prioress of the Mount, Mother Catherine, said she and her fellow nuns were distraught following the theft. However, the Office of Public Works has now made a special delivery of six boxes of replacement apples to the sisters.

The Bible Garden at St. Benedict’s Priory in Cobh, was created more than 20 years ago and laid out in the shape of a Jerusalem Cross. The design survives to this day, with a central pool from which everything else radiates outwards. The garden was created on a one-and-one-half acre site and, like other Bible gardens throughout the world, its design and plant selections are mainly based on plants mentioned in the Bible. Some of the gardens mentioned in the Bible are recaptured in this space. The Garden of Song, The Vineyard, The Pool of Solomon, Mary’s Garden, the Garden of Olives, The Garden of the Resurrection and the Leanbh memorial.

Saint Benedict’s Priory was founded at the town of Royston in Hertfordshire in 1916. The Priory transferred to Wadhurst, Sussex in 1964.  The Priory moved to Cobh in 1993 at the invitation of the Bishop of Cloyne, to provide a Benedictine, contemplative presence in the diocese.



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