Archbishop Eamon Martin blesses Glenview Nursing Home, Co Tyrone, and offers support to the sick

19 May, 2020 | News

Following a visit to Glenview Nursing Home, Co Tyrone, in accordance with Covid-19 restrictions, Archbishop Eamon Martin published a video message offering comfort to all who are sick or in care homes during the pandemic.

Expressing support for those who are sick, Archbishop Eamon said, “This little message is to tell you that you’re not alone, to tell you that even though you might be isolated, you’re very close to us in our hearts and in our prayers.

Archbishop Eamon said that while it is a burden to be sick at any time, it is particularly challenging at these times as “it’s a lonely time to be sick. Today I invite you to hold on to faith, hold on to hope, and hold on to love.”

Archbishop Martin continued, “Every single day, in our parishes and in all our congregations, you are being prayed for, we’re not forgetting you, we’re remembering you at every single Mass, we’re saying special prayers for you who are sick at this time that your faith will help to carry you through these difficult days.”

“Don’t be thinking you can’t get through this, you can! With the help of our prayers and God within you giving you the strength and the grace and the hope you need to get through.”

Speaking directly to all the sick children, Archbishop Eamon said, “I want to say a special word to children who are sick at this time and to their families. I know that are little ones just want to get out and run around and play and do all of the things that children do, and when you’re sick it’s difficult to do that.”

Towards the end of his video message, Archbishop Eamon assured children that God loves them, and said, “I want to remind you of the same three things, faith, hope and love, they never end, and the greatest of these is love.”

Archbishop Eamon Martin is Archbishop of Armagh, Apostolic Administrator of Dromore and Primate of All Ireland.

To watch the full video message, click here.



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