Archbishop Eamon Martin offers prayers for those killed and injured in the Manchester bombing

23 May, 2017 | News

Archbishop Eamon Martin, Archbishop of Armagh and Primate of All Ireland, has offered prayers for those killed and injured in the Manchester bombing.

In a message to Bishop John Arnold, Bishop of Salford, Archbishop Eamon said,  “I have sent a message this morning to Bishop John Arnold to express our shock and sorrow at the horrific bombing in Manchester last night.  Such a violent and brutal attack inflicts terror and long-lasting trauma on children and families and leaves a wound that can only be healed by compassion, love and solidarity.

Archbishop Eamon went on to say “We are praying for the dead, the injured and for all affected by the bombing.  Such an awful attack challenges us all to resolve personally to build peace, solidarity and hope everywhere.  Only in this way can the hearts of those who plan and perpetrate such violent and pointless attacks be changed.”

Concluding his message to Bishop Arnold, Archbishop Eamon said, “I will remember the victims of this attack and their families in my Masses and prayers, and I know that the prayerful solidarity of people across Ireland goes to the people of Manchester at this sad time.”




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