Archbishop Michael Neary offers daily Mass for victims of COVID-19

2 May, 2020 | News

Archbishop Michael Neary of Tuam has issued a Pastoral Letter to the people of the Tuam Diocese in relation to the Covid-19 crisis.

In his letter the Archbishop said, “All around us we see the hope, joy and new life of Spring as growth is taking place, trees beginning to bud forth and birds are singing and busy building their nests. Yet, in the midst of all this we endeavour to cope with the chilling challenge of Covid-19 and its consequences of death, disruption and disillusionment.”

The archbishop compared the time immediately following the death of Christ to the times we are currently living through. He said, “The events of the Middle East 2000 years ago provide us with a perspective on our present situation. Social distancing, closed doors and fear stalk the streets and the thoroughfares of cities across our world. The followers of Jesus were forced to meet in fear behind locked doors. It was to this situation that Jesus came into their midst with the words ‘peace be with you’.”

Archbishop Neary emphasised that during the current crisis, the goodness, generosity, altruism, sensitivity towards and support for others, give us a deep sense of hope.

In conclusion, Archbishop Neary said, “May the risen Christ bless us with the peace that will enable us to recognise that the Lord is journeying with us as we cope with this new challenge. I want to reassure you of my prayers and I ask for remembrance in yours. At this time my daily Masses are being celebrated for:

– The front-liners in the fight against Covid-19;

– For the success of medical researchers in the hopes that they will discover a lasting cure for Covid-19 and a vaccine to prevent it;

– For all infected by this virus;

– For the safety of all families and homes who have members in isolation;

– For all those dying alone that they will feel the presence of the Lord in their suffering;

I will be remembering all families as they cope with the anxiety and fears that this virus has visited on them.”

To read the full letter click here.



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