Armagh Parish introduces a new form of digital giving

17 Dec, 2019 | News

The Cathedral Parish in Armagh has introduced a new form of donating to help support the ongoing needs and demands of the parish.  A new free-standing donation portal has been installed in Saint Patrick’s Cathedral offering users the opportunity to make a contactless payment.

The parish has worked closely with Goodbox, a company that is committed to this new method of payment, and the new technological device which incorporates a secure and easy to use payment system, has been recently installed in the magnificent Cathedral.

Father Peter McAnenly, Administrator of Armagh Parish said, “The Cathedral Parish has considered for some time new ways of embracing digital payments technology.  Many people no longer carry cash today and for that reason the Parish has been looking at other ways in which people can give.  St. Patrick’s Cathedral has many visitors on a daily basis and many people want to contribute to help support the costs associated with the running and maintenance of such a building.

“This is a new and modern method of donating to the local parish and having such a facility in place makes it easier for people to donate as they please. It is hoped that by introducing this form of contactless giving that the parish can maximise donations to help support Saint Patrick’s Cathedral.”





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