“As Christians we have good news to tell and we are called to proclaim it” – Bishops of Clogher

by | 19 Dec, 2019 | News

The Bishops of Clogher have published their 2019 Christmas message. The message was signed jointly by Bishop Larry Duffy, Catholic Bishop of Clogher, and Bishop John McDowell, Church of Ireland Bishop of Clogher.

The Bishops highlight some of the issues that bring darkness into the world. They said, “Homelessness, the evil of human trafficking, the plight of migrants and refugees, the persecution of Christians and other minorities, the disregard for human life – including that of the unborn – and the general atmosphere of political uncertainty, all of these, together with the many personal stories of stress and anxiety, call us to be bearers of light in the midst of darkness and uncertainty.”

They continued, “As Christians we have good news to tell and we are called to proclaim it together by our actions in the world.

“As people of faith we are obliged to draw the attention of our political leaders to the plight of so many people in our country today who are suffering and in distress because of housing insecurity and homelessness. The Gospel inspires us and demands of us that we give witness to the right of all people to have homes to live in.”

Reminding people of faith of the meaning of Christmas, the Bishops said, “The coming of Christ at Christmas brings us light in the midst of darkness, hope in the midst of turmoil, joy in the midst of fear and simplicity in the midst of a society that is increasingly self-absorbed.”

In conclusion the Bishops said, “May each of us this Christmas be a light to the world, most especially through our outreach to those in need and those who are marginalised by economic and political circumstances. May the light, joy and hope of Christ surround each and every one of you and your families this Christmas.”



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