Bishop Hayes: I am always inspired to witness the rapport chaplains have with prisoners

17 Apr, 2024 | Bishops, Church, Jobs, News

The Irish Prison Service is now recruiting for the role of Head Chaplain in the Irish Prison Service.  As well as developing and maintaining appropriate policies, guidance and work plans to underpin the delivery of the chaplaincy vision and strategy, head chaplains must also lead and manage the Chaplaincy service and its staff, ensuring that the spiritual, pastoral and religious needs of patients, relatives, carers, students and staff are met.

Bishop Martin Hayes (pictured), who is the liaison bishop to the Irish Prisons Chaplains Team said, “In my role I am grateful to have gained an appreciation of the work of chaplains, and it is always inspiring to witness the rapport that chaplains have with prisoners.  It is readily apparent to me that the chaplains’ role is valued by management, staff and the entire prison community.  Chaplains are also an important link between prisoners and their families.

“In this context the new job vacancy for Head Chaplain in Irish Prison Service is a very important appointment and I encourage all who feel that they may suit the position to apply and put their name for forward.”

Bishop Hayes continued, “It is absolutely in the interest of the common good that we do what we can for prisoners so as to help them return to society as a neighbour who, thereby, can make a positive contribution to our communities.  If a person sent to prison feels forgotten and abandoned by society, the likelihood is that she or he will return to society angry and liable to return to a life of crime.”

The mission of the prison service is to provide safe, secure and humane custody for people who are sent to prison. In doing so, the service is committed to managing custodial sentences in a way which encourages and supports prisoners in their endeavouring to live law abiding and purposeful lives as valued members of Society. Chaplains have a crucial supporting role in achieving these objectives by providing pastoral and spiritual care to any prisoners who wish to avail of the service.

For further information and to access the information booklet and the application form please visit  Please direct any queries regarding this competition to: [email protected]

The closing time and date for applications is 3pm, Thursday, 2 May 2024. Applications submitted after this time and date will not be accepted.



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