Bishop Leahy offers prayers for students sitting Junior and Leaving Cert exams

5 Jun, 2019 | News

Bishop Brendan Leahy, Bishop of Limerick, has extended his prayers and best wishes to those sitting their Leaving and Junior Certificate exams at this time.

Bishop Leahy said, “In the coming days and weeks, many young people but also their parents, guardians, sisters, brothers and wider family will be focused on exams. There’s always a certain stress involved, but, it is also a time for families to be there to support and accompany their son or daughter, sister or brother, in these days.”

The bishop said he was reminded by a news report last evening in which students spoke of the importance of their family keeping them calm. He said, “The family can be the safe haven where the young person can breathe the love and care of their loved ones at this time. It is the loved ones that will reassure the students that exams aren’t the most important thing in life.

“The exam time most definitely reminds us of the gift of family and that it is always there for you, whether that’s a listening ear or someone to make a cup of tea for you.”

Bishop Leahy has asked for prayers to be said across the Diocese of Limerick for those sitting exams.  He said, “The Church wants to be a family accompanying young people as it faces the exams and so prayers will be said through all Masses in the Dioceses for the Leaving Cert and Junior Cert students – that they may have the light of the Holy Spirit to guide them.”

“The sum of a person is so much greater than the results of an exam and no successful career has ever been determined by the result of one exam. Life is a journey and no one turn in it defines you,” he added.



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