Bishops ask the faithful to pray for our politicians

10 Mar, 2016 | News

At their Spring General Meeting, which concluded last evening in Maynooth, Bishops offered their congratulations to the elected members of the 32nd Dáil which reconvenes today after the recent General Election.  The Bishops said:

The results have delivered a challenging outcome for the members of the new Dáil as they seek to provide a new government which can offer stable civic leadership rooted in a shared social ethic, economic stability and sustainable growth for our society.  Bishops acknowledged the anxiety of many in Ireland at the fact that there is an uncertain social climate in the country regarding vital sectors of people’s lives, especially regarding protecting the unborn, health, homelessness, unemployment, education, security, our international responsibilities regarding climate change, and our helping to resolve the current refugee and migration crisis.

Bishops ask the faithful to pray for our politicians at this time.

Read the full statement from the Spring General Meeting of Bishops here.


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