Bishops: “The gifts and talents of Trócaire volunteers are needed and are welcome”

9 Jul, 2024 | Bishops, Church, News, World

During their Summer General Meeting, bishops extended their heartfelt thanks to the people of Ireland for their support for the Trócaire’s 2024 Lenten campaign, which appealed to communities and parishes to support and pray for the world’s most vulnerable who continue to pay the price for the global climate crisis.  The campaign had a particular emphasis on Malawi.  Trócaire estimates that, unchecked, climate change is set to push up to 132 million people into poverty over the next ten years.

Over 2023/2024, Trócaire improved the lives of 2.2 million people in more than 24 of the most fragile countries in the world.  This has been made possible thanks to the generous support of the Church on the island – north and south.

Bishops also expressed sincere thanks to the many highly dedicated volunteers who assist with and promote the work of Trócaire across Ireland.  Bishops said; “The work of these volunteers in parishes, schools and in organising a range of fundraising initiatives is essential raising awareness of the international work of Trócaire.  Such voluntary work is very much appreciated and valued.  We invite and encourage anyone interested in volunteering with Trócaire to come forward.  Your gifts and talents are needed and are welcome.  Please contact or donate on for further information.”


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