Call for all-island approach to support refugees from Ukraine and asylum seekers

19 Oct, 2022 | News

At the Autumn General Meeting of the Irish Episcopal Conference, Bishops welcomed the appointment by the Holy Father of Bishop Kenneth Nowakowski of the Eparchy of the Holy Family in London, of Byzantine Ukrainians, as Apostolic Visitator for the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic faithful resident in Ireland.  Bishops noted the increasing number of Ukrainian people forced to flee from their country, over 50,000 of who are now in Ireland.  Bishops expressed their gratitude to the many parishioners, clergy, and religious who are working tirelessly to welcome them at a local level.

There are also over 15,000 people seeking asylum in Ireland at this time, of whom over 3,000 are still living in direct provision.  During their meeting, bishops assured all refugees and asylum seekers of their spiritual, pastoral and welfare concern.  Bishops expressed the hope that more people seeking refuge could also come to Northern Ireland and urged the civil authorities to seek to address this matter on an all-island basis.



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