“Church a global network for good against trafficking” – Cardinal Vincent Nichols

11 Apr, 2019 | News

An international conference on human trafficking will conclude today, 11 April, in Rome.

The purpose of the conference is to promote an understanding of human trafficking and to support efforts to eradicate it. Identification, prevention and prosecution of human trafficking were some of the of the issues addressed at the meeting.

The gathering brings together 200 participants including Archbishop of Westminster, Cardinal Vincent Nichols.

The Archbishop is president of the Santa Marta Group. This group has a specific contribution to developing partnerships between the Catholic Church and the forces of law and order across the globe.

The possibilities of modern technology in the fight against human trafficking and exploitation arose as a strong theme for the Archbishop of Westminster. The Cardinal said that they looked at the possibility of creating apps for mobile phones that, “would help to strengthen; give muscle to the global network of the Catholic Church.”

He continued: “I am sure there is much more we can do to alert people to where the phenomena of human trafficking is most likely to be found.” The Cardinal also pointed out that apps could be used to help people respond when they feel themselves at risk or in danger.

In conclusion, Cardinal Nichols highlighted the a growing awareness that “human trafficking in all its forms is part of a criminal global network and therefore, these issues are global issues and what we try to place against that is the global network of the Catholic Church which is a network for good.”



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