Consultation on the future shape of Catholic post-primary education in Monaghan

29 Feb, 2024 | Bishops, Church, News

The patrons of the two Catholic Post-Primary Schools in Monaghan town have announced that they are beginning a process of consultation on the future shape of Catholic Post-Primary education in the town.  This is the first phase of a wider consultation process which will continue in the south-Monaghan town of Carrickmacross in the Autumn.

The patrons of Saint Louis Secondary School, and Saint Macartan’s College, in Monaghan, Le Cheile and the Diocese of Clogher have indicated that this fill consultation with all school partners will be an opportunity for all stakeholders – Boards of Management, school staff, parents, students, including parents of feeder Primary school children – to consider the various aspects of what the future should consist of.

Both Patrons are unequivocally committed to continuing the tradition of providing the highest quality Catholic education to the current and future students of Monaghan, and now wish to collaborate with the school partners to plan for the future.

Saint Macartan’s College was founded by the Catholic Diocese of Clogher in the 1840s and opened its doors to students for the first time in 1848, while Saint Louis Secondary School owes its origins to the arrival to Monaghan from France of the Sisters of Saint Louis in 1859, making Monaghan their first foundation in Ireland or Great Britain.

Commenting this week, Bishop Larry Duffy, Bishop of Clogher and Marie Therese Kilmartin, Chief Executive of the Le Cheile Trust, emphasised that they ‘have no pre-determined outcome in mind’ and ‘are very keen for an honest exchange of views with all interested parties’. They said that they will be guided in any future decisions by the views of the local school partners.

This process will be facilitated by an independent facilitator, Mr Frank Smith.




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