Euregio bishops offer “A new lease of life for Europe”

30 May, 2024 | Bishops, Church, News, World

A special pastoral letter, A new lease of life for Europe, has been published by bishops of various border dioceses in western Europe, “Euregio”.  The information pamphlet has been released in the context of the 2024  European Elections that will take place across the European Union, from Ireland to Malta, over the days of 7 to 9 June.

The Euregio bishops explain that their purpose in this pre-election communication was to “highlight some of Europe’s essential values and formulate a European project to be developed to breathe new life into Europe.”

Reflecting on European history, its diversity and unity, the Euregio bishops expressed appreciation for the influences of ancient Rome, classical Greece, the “spiritual solidarity” of Judaism, and mapped the contribution of Germanic people, and “the superimposition of two cultures in Europe, Latin and Germanic, and their mutual integration through Christianisation,” through to the Treaty of Verdun (843 AD), followed by the arrival of the Slavs and all of this cultural development bonded by the “Gospel of Christ … [which] opened people up, with a new sense of urgency, to respect for each person, service to the weak and unlimited hope.”  Thereafter Islam brought “an openness to Arab culture and links with Asia via the Silk Road.”

In order to give Europe “a breath of fresh air today”, the authors emphasised particular themes to inform Europeans ahead of the elections:

  • The European Union was established to cement peace and respect diversity, based on sharing for the greater good of all and based on firm democratic principles.
  • European integration has led to lasting peace in Europe, and in particular Franco-German reconciliation, as well as “social cooperation and joint international solidarity projects.”
  • Crisis of European consciousness
  • European values
  • A dream for Europe
  • Meeting our commitments
  • The European elections and the issues at stake
  • New challenges, new inspiration

To read the full A new lease of life for Europe by the Euregio bishops click here.



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