General Secretary of COMECE issues statement on Pope’s visit to Greek island of Lesbos

13 Apr, 2016 | News

Pope Francis will visit the Greek island of Lesbos on Saturday 16 April to show support and solidarity for refugees on the front line of Europe’s migrant crisis.

The General Secretary of COMECE, Father Patrick H.Daly, has made the following statement ahead of the Pope’s visit:

“At the very outset of his pontificate, in visiting the rocky Italian outpost of Lampedusa, Pope Francis displayed his concern for those many migrants who put their lives at risk in order to seek refuge in Europe. The fate of migrants and asylum seekers has long been a central concern of COMECE and we repeatedly saluted the way in which the Holy Father, in word and deed, has drawn attention to the plight of those fleeing the dangers and suffering of war and violence and/or desperate poverty in their home countries to reach a better life in Europe.

The Pope’s visit to Lesbos on Saturday 16 April is not only a humanitarian gesture of extraordinary significance but the ecumenical context in which it is taking place, together with the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, Archbishop Ieronymos of Athens, Primate of the Church of Greece, is particularly welcome. The ecumenical dimension of all COMECE’s work on migration in Brussels, not least recent dialogue seminars organised together with CEC/CCME on the subject, adds greatly to the resonance of the Church voice on an issue likely to dominate the EU agenda for years to come.

COMECE welcomed in principle the conclusions of the European Council on 17 December 2015 and addressed the EU heads of Sate and government with a document of concrete proposals.

COMECE would wish to add its voice to those requesting a fresh look at the EU’s arrangements with Turkey. We would plead that the dignity of human beings, their fundamental rights, including the right to seek protection, the humane treatment, the best interests of children, the “non-refoulement” obligation and the right to family life, be respected under all circumstances.

The insufficient safe and legal ways to enter the European Union in search of protection forces asylum seekers and migrants to rely on smugglers, thus in danger of falling easy prey to traffickers in human beings and other criminals. Thousands of them have already died in their dangerous journey in the Mediterranean Sea. Back in 2014, COMECE together with other Christian organisations issued a set of proposals for the development of safe and legal paths to protection in the EU and in 2015 addressed the dramatic situation of unaccompanied minors.

Pope Francis’ visit to Lesbos is a bench-mark moment in Europe’s outreach to our suffering migrant brothers and sisters. It is vital that all 28 Member States of the European Union become aware that the refugee and migration crisis calls for a shared responsibility. The only way out of the crisis is coordinated action among all EU governments. A series of proposals are now on the table including the EU Commission’s last Communication presenting different options for reforming the Common European Asylum System and developing safe and legal pathways to Europe.”


COMECE, the Commission of the Bishops’ Conferences of the European Community, is made up of bishops delegated by the Catholic Bishops’ Conferences of the 28 Member States of the European Union.  Bishop Noel Treanor, Bishop of Down and Connor is the COMECE representative from the Irish Bishops’ Conference.


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