‘God has a dream for you’ – Bishop Alan McGuckian SJ to 6th Years

by | 29 May, 2020 | News

Bishop Alan McGuckian SJ of Raphoe has issued a video message to 6th Year students in the wake of the cancellation of the 2020 leaving cert examinations.

At the outset of his message, Bishop McGuckian said, “We’ve all been thinking of you, these are uncertain times and the uncertainty gets to us all, but you have been facing the big, grand climax of the leaving cert and then you’ve had so many things taken away from you, and I want you to know that many of us realise that it’s been tough on you, and your teachers and your families.”

Bishop McGuckian encouraged students to look back on their time in school with real gratitude, and said, “You will have learned things about life, about yourself, about other people, lessons that will stand to you for your whole life if you really appreciate them.”

Towards the end of his message, Bishop McGuckian urged students to have faith in God’s plan for them. He said, “I encourage you, just believe that God has a dream for you, God has a role for you in your life that he has for nobody else. Other people mightn’t even see it, but if you really try and listen for it, you’ll know what it is.

“To be the you that God has made and that God wants is more than enough, don’t compare yourself with anybody else. Be the best you can be and give yourself to other people, and that will fulfil your dreams for yourself and God’s dream.”

To watch the short video message, click here.



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