Human life in general, and your police service in particular, is built upon the virtue of hope – Archbishop Farrell

by | 18 Nov, 2022 | News

On Thursday, 17 November, Archbishop Dermot Farrell delivered a homily in Church of the Holy Family, Aughrim Street for the Deceased Members of An Garda Síochána in this, their Centenary Year 2022.  Opening his reflection, Archbishop Farrell said, “We pray that they may rest in the peace and steadfast care of the One who created us all. Parting from them was very difficult, and it is right that we should give ourselves the quiet comfort of remembrance.”

The Archbishop of Dublin continued, “One hundred years after the founding of an organisation is not only an important anniversary, it is also an important time in establishing the identity of an organisation.”

The senior prelate concluded his homily saying, “On this day- a day rooted in the remembrance of those who have given so generously, and a day with such a strong overture to a shared future, we do well not only to remember and give thanks, but also to hope. In the Christian faith, the resurrection of Christ gives his disciples a new horizon – a horizon of hope. The Christian sees further than the grave.  “Unless the seed falls in the ground and dies, it bears no fruit” (John 12:24). May the courage and generous service of your deceased colleagues and friends not only give you consolation, may it also inspire your service in this Ireland that unfolds before us, and beyond.”



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