Irish Bishops seek support for Trócaire’s Christmas appeal for Central America

10 Dec, 2020 | Bishops, News

During their Winter General Meeting Bishops asked the public to contribute towards Trócaire’s Christmas Appeal, which addresses the humanitarian crises as a result of hurricanes in Central America and supports people left hungry by the impact of Covid-19.

Trócaire’s Christmas Appeal will deliver food, shelter, medicine and hope to women, men and children who have been left without income or food due to the pandemic. Support to Trócaire this Christmas will also fund the charity’s response to crises around the world.

Last month, over a three week period, Central America was hit by two hurricanes.  Four million people have been directly affected in Honduras, 1.2 million in Guatemala and 140,000 in Nicaragua by the resulting devastation.  Trócaire and its local partners are providing shelter, food and other vital support to people left homeless by these hurricanes.

Contributions to Trócaire can be made on



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