Bishops: referendum will abolish all references to mother in the Constitution

29 Feb, 2024 | Bishops, Church, News, Pope

On 25 February, the Bishops of Ireland published a statement on the two upcoming referendums for family and care, which will take place across the State on 8 March.

Bishops said, “The proposed Family amendment to the Constitution diminishes the unique importance of the relationship between marriage and family in the eyes of Society and State and is likely to lead to a weakening of the incentive for young people to marry.”

In relation to the second referendum vote, bishops said, “The proposed Care amendment would have the effect of abolishing all reference to motherhood in the Constitution and leave unacknowledged the particular and incalculable societal contribution that mothers in the home have made and continue to make in Ireland.  The present constitutional wording does not in any way inhibit women from working or taking their proper place in social and public life.  It does, however, respect the complementary and distinct qualities that arise naturally within the Family.  The role of mothers should continue to be cherished in our Constitution.”

Bishops concluded their statement by encouraging everyone to vote and quoted Pope Saint John Paul II words in Ireland back in 1979: “‘The family is the true measure of the greatness of a nation.  In a democracy that guarantees the freedom to vote, it is important that citizens cast their ballot on 8 March with matters of such importance at stake.  As pastors, concerned for the common good as well as the moral and spiritual well-being of God’s people, we offer these reflections in order to help inform the consciences of Christians and others who are concerned to preserve and foster the dignity and value of family life and motherhood.”

To read the full statement of the Irish Bishops’ Conference, click here



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