Irish Dominicans release schedule of summer retreats

28 May, 2024 | Church, News

For more than 70 years the Dominican retreat centre in Tallaght, Dublin, has been an oasis of tranquillity for countless people.   As Tallaght developed from a little country village into the third largest centre of population in Ireland, this centre remains a symbol of the abiding presence of God in the midst of change, and continues to be a place of peace, contemplation, and renewal for all who come here.

This summer, the Dominican centre and gardens offer a series of summer retreats open to people of all faiths and denominations.

From 9-14 June, John McKenna presents a five-day retreat based on the work of the late Canadian singer-songwriter and poet, Leonard Cohen.  John, a broadcaster and writer, was a close friend of Cohen’s for more than thirty years and draws on his songs and writings to bring participants on a journey through Cohen’s approach to life, love, spirituality, loss, belief and death.

From 22-28 June, a six-day retreat will focus on insights from Father Donagh O’Shea’s (OP) new books, A Hundred Roads to Here: Introductions to Meditation, and A Holy Mess: Making the Most of our Misfortunes.  These books are the fruit of the long standstill that was Covid-19.  In this retreat, Father O’Shea will share the many layers of significance of that long period of inaction and isolation.

From 20-26 July, Father John Harris OP will discuss the call to the Christian life.  In this retreat participants will look at insights for following Christ today.

From 3- 9 August, Father Donagh O’Shea OP explores Jesus the Healer.  Although Jesus is our healer, he does not promise to cure all of our ills, but instead heals us in every way that we can be healed. We in turn, by his grace, have the power to help with our tormented world.

On 26-29 August, Mr Jim Deeds presents A Look of Love. Using Scripture, meditation, body and breath work, music and story, Jim will lead participants to an awareness of the God whose love is infinite and unconditional, a creative path on which we can find God in the mess of our everyday lives, and reconnect to our inherent goodness.

From 31 August to 5 September, Sean Goan will also help participants to encounter God of the Scriptures through the songs of Lenoard Cohen.  During this retreat Cohen’s lyrics will aid participants to explore prayerfully how the word of God can speak to us today, offering hope and meaning in difficult times.

For further information on any of the retreats, or to learn more about the centre, please click here



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