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9 Mar, 2023 | Church, News

The Bereavement Support Line, set up by Irish Hospice Foundation in partnership with the HSE, is a freephone service available mornings Monday to Friday. It provides a safe space for those who have lost a loved one, friend or colleague, to talk about their loss and grief. Whilst not a counselling service, it is designed to provide connection, comfort and support for those who are grieving as well as information on how to access counselling or community services if appropriate.

Who can call?

The Bereavement Support Line is open to any adult who:

  • Has been bereaved
  • Is concerned about somebody else who has been bereaved
  • Is finding a previous bereavement difficult
  • Wants to find out about guidance and resources their workplace can offer in relation to bereavement

It is available for over-18s only. For resources and information for child, teen or adolescent loss, see

The Team

The Bereavement Support Line team have had in-depth training in bereavement and offer a gentle, listening ear to those who are bereaved and also provide information on local services and supports for anyone looking for it.

“I feel a very strong connection with the callers at the time of the call. I always I feel I just might be able to help them, even in a small way. I feel safe and supported by IHF staff also, that is a great comfort to me”  Eric – Bereavement Support Line Volunteer

From time to time, generalised, anonymous extracts are used from the range of calls received on the Bereavement Support Line, to illustrate its impact. Here are some typical comments callers make about the Bereavement Support Line:

  • “I’m so delighted that I called you”
  • “I feel a weight has been lifted”
  • “Thank you for letting me cry”

For more information on this service visit:

For a full range of bereavement resources – see



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