Irish Synodal Pathway conducts regional gatherings ahead of its next phase

14 Feb, 2024 | Bishops, Church, News, Synod

The Irish Synodal Pathway very recently convened regional and online gatherings with key representatives from dioceses, religious congregations, movements and associations.  Bringing together lay men and women, priests, deacons, bishops, and religious brothers and sisters, members of the Synodal Pathway team worked with local representatives to understand and commit to the task ahead of the next phase of the Universal Synod on Synodality.

However, each diocese and group has also been encouraged to renew its local synodal team for the Irish Synodal Pathway.  General Secretary for the Irish Synodal Pathway, Julieann Moran (pictured), said, “the success of the pathway rests on consistent and continued engagement in the parishes across the 26 dioceses of Ireland, as well as the engagement of religious communities, lay movements and associations, and other Church bodies, so these teams have an essential role to play on the journey ahead.”

Recognising the unique context of each diocese and religious group, Ms Moran said, “by convening these regional gatherings, it is our hope that the dioceses and groups can learn from each other’s experiences; that they can utilise the collective wisdom in the gatherings, adopt and adapt strategies to suit their particular circumstances, and foster a synodal style of collaboration with each other.”

Video The Synodal Pathway – The journey so far
The regional meetings took place at the end of January in Cork, Kildare, Mayo, and Tyrone, with a fifth online meeting for members of movements and associations.  The Irish Synodal Pathway team shared resources and updates which included a video resource for local communities about the journey so far of both synodal processes – the universal and the Irish – and next steps on the Irish Synodal Pathway.  See the video resource above.

The regional meetings also saw the launch of a synodal leadership training programme, based on research carried out by the Steering Committee in March last year.  This initiative hopes to equip participants with the knowledge, skills, and resources necessary to effectively lead synodal processes within their respective communities.  By investing in leadership development, the Irish Synodal Pathway hopes to see individuals being equipped to facilitate meaningful dialogues at local level, particularly in the synodal methodology of Conversations in the Spirit.  This programme also represents an investment in the long-term, so as to nurture a culture of synodality that extends beyond the duration of any specific initiative, into the day-to-day life and mission of the Church in Ireland.



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