The Diocese of Limerick has issued a report on the role of women in Church leadership.

Speaking on the findings of this report, Bishop Brendan Leahy said, “If we look back to our Synod, the motion that got the highest approval vote was on looking at how we can explore where women can play a leadership role in the Church and diocesan level. It is something we shouldn’t have to address as it’s a problem that shouldn’t exist but it does.

“It’s not going to be an easy journey; change never is and some of the issues we have in that respect are embedded deeply in the culture of the church and the community around it. I’ve been saying for quite some time that our Church is overly focused on the church building itself, what happens in it and the priest. We have to flip that on its head. We must go out into the community and we must bring people together. That’s not a job for one person or one gender, it’s a job for all.”

Bishop Leahy said in conclusion, “We need to always recall that it is Mary, the mother of Jesus, who most embodies what the Church is meant to be doing: communicating the Good News that is Jesus in our world in all the spheres of human life and culture, not simply the religious domain.”