Jubilee of Mercy for Healthcare in the Diocese of Elphin

12 Jun, 2016 | News

“The care of the sick is very central to the mission of Jesus and so it must also be central to the mission of everyone who seeks to follow Jesus”, Bishop Kevin Doran said yesterday, as he marked the Jubilee of Mercy for the sick and for all who work in healthcare in the Diocese of Elphin.

Following Mass in the chapel of Roscommon Hospital, which was broadcast to the patients, Bishop Doran visited each of the patients in the hospital. He went on then to visit residents in Sacred Heart Hospital and Oakwood Nursing Home.

Bishop Doran said: “Jesus’ care for the sick is not just about curing people, but also about restoring them to the heart of the community, as he did with the lepers in the Gospel we have just heard.

“It is difficult for people to be away from their homes and their families at a time when they feel vulnerable. A facility like Roscommon Hospital, makes an enormous difference to people.”

Bishop Doran, on behalf of all who are sick, thanked all who work in healthcare in hospitals and nursing homes around the diocese, as well as in the community, remarking that their work joins them very closely to the mission of Jesus.



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