Justice and Peace in Northern Ireland addressed by bishops at their Spring General Meeting

by | 8 Mar, 2017 | News

Bishops discussed Justice and Peace in Northern Ireland at their Spring 2017 General Meeting which concluded this afternoon in Columba Centre, Saint Patrick’s College, Maynooth.

Bishops offered their congratulations to the 90 new members of the Northern Ireland Assembly following their election on 2 March.  Bishops discussed the election and its consequence for justice and peace in Northern Ireland.  The Assembly’s new profile is different to that which has gone before and this presents an opportunity to build new relationships across our whole community while working for the common good.

Bishops acknowledged the significant civic duty which now rests on each new MLA as they embark upon their roles in an uncertain political environment which includes protecting human life and dignity, supporting marriage and family, Brexit, probity in public life, education, migrants and refugees, and legacy issues.

Bishops urged all parties to avoid a vacuum and instability, and to continue their negotiations in a spirit of generosity and positivity.  Bishops said, “It is in all our interest that a new executive is established as soon as possible in order that it may serve peace, economic stability and sustainable growth for the benefit of all in our society.”



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