Mgr Michael Ryan (P.P. Castlecomer) appointed Administrator of the Diocese of Ossory

30 Jul, 2016 | News

Following the acceptance by the Holy Father of the retirement of Bishop Séamus Freeman SAC, on 29th July, the College of Consultors of the Diocese of Ossory has elected Mgr Michael Ryan (P.P. Castlecomer) as Administrator of the Diocese of Ossory.

A Diocesan Administrator has responsibility for administering the day-to-day affairs of the Diocese while a new Bishop is awaited.

Following the announcement Mgr Ryan said: “I am humbled to be asked to take on this new responsibility and I hope to continue the good work that Bishop Séamus oversaw in our Diocese for these past nine years. I wish him well in his retirement and pray for his continued health. I hope to do all that I can to facilitate the continued implementation of our Diocesan Pastoral Plan and the many other good works in the Diocese which give us life and hope. I respectfully ask that people keep me in their prayers as we now await the appointment of a new Bishop.”

Mgr Ryan, who is a native of St John’s Parish, Kilkenny, was educated in St Kieran’s College, Kilkenny. He was ordained on 11th June 1967 and served as Curate in the parishes of Dunamaggan, St Patrick’s and St Mary’s Cathedral.  Mgr Ryan then began teaching in 1967 in the Vocational School before undertaking Post Graduate studies in Religious Education.  Then in 1973 he joined the staff in St Kieran’s College and became President there in 1990. In 1995 he was appointed Parish Priest of Castlecomer Parish. Mgr Ryan served as Episcopal Vicar for Retired Clergy and since 2002 as Vicar General of the Diocese. Mgr Ryan has already served as Administrator of the Diocese for a period in 2007.



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