Michael Kelly appointed Director of Public Affairs to Irish office of Aid to the Church in Need

1 May, 2024 | Church, News, World

Mr Michael Kelly, former editor of The Irish Catholic newspaper, has been appointed as the new Director of Public Affairs to the Irish office of Aid to the Church in Need.

The charity, Aid to the Church in Need International (ACN International) – which was founded in the aftermath of the devastation of World War II – now supports some 5,700 communities in close to 140 countries reaching some of the most marginalised and vulnerable people in the world, including in the war-torn Gaza Strip and in Ukraine.

The Irish office supports this international work through the generosity of members of the Irish public.

Mr Kelly (pictured on the left with Interim National Director of ACN Ireland Harry Casey), is a native of Omagh, Co Tyrone and has worked in journalism and broadcasting for over 20 years.  Viewers and listeners to RTÉ will know him as the voice of Pope Francis, as the English language translator and commentator for the Pontiff’s traditional Christmas and Easter blessings.

In 2022, thanks to the generosity of benefactors, ACN International funded activities to the tune of more than €148 million.  Mr Kelly said he is looking forward to taking up the role and embracing the challenge of supporting what he described as “the suffering Church” in troubled parts of the world.

“Most people don’t realise that Christians are the most persecuted religious community in the world, and are under threat in many parts of the world including the historic cradle of Christianity in the Holy Land and the wider Middle East.  Through the phenomenal generosity of Irish people, ACN Ireland is able to demonstrate concrete solidarity with these communities and show them that they are not alone,” Mr Kelly said.

Welcoming the appointment, Mr Casey, said, “I am very pleased to welcome Michael Kelly to the staff of ACN Ireland.  Michael brings a wealth of professional experience to the role of Director of Public Affairs.  I am confident that he will put his well-honed communication skills to promoting the mission and important work of Aid to the Church in Need.”

The most recent annual report of ACN International showed that the charity spent more than a quarter of the funds raised by its 23 National Offices on the construction and renovation of churches and church buildings for vulnerable communities.  In addition, ACN used more than €15 million responding to acute crises with emergency measures in areas where Christians are threatened by violence and displacement.  A further €15.7 million was used for proclamation of the faith, information work and advocacy for disadvantaged and persecuted Christians worldwide.

For more information on the Irish office – which works to “save lives, save souls, save the Faith through ACN Ireland” –  regarding its work or to offer support, please call +353 1 837 7516 and [email protected]



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