New 10 Week Course at the National Centre for Liturgy

30 Jan, 2019 | News

The National Centre for Liturgy is offering a new ten-week course on the Sacraments. The course, which will begin on 4 February, will offer participants from parishes across the country the opportunity of being part of a course entitled Sacraments: Parish Celebrations on Life’s Journey. 

This new course sets out to offer participants an overview of Christian Marriage; of Christian initiation for Children – their Baptism as children; the Order of Penance and of the Order of Christian Funerals. The course will also look at some other elements such as the ministry of hospitality and welcome.

The course consists of 10 two-hour sessions and will begin on Wednesday 6 February, at 10.00am in the National Centre for Liturgy, at St Patrick’s College, Maynooth.

Following class each day, there is the Celebration of Eucharist in St Mary’s Oratory at 12.05pm.  Participants are welcome to take part.

For more on this new offering from the National Centre for Liturgy, download the information brochure Sacraments: Parish Celebrations on Life’s Journey

The National Centre for Liturgy began its 44th academic year on 24 September 2018.  In the first semester it successfully offered parishes a ten week course Leading the Christian Assembly in Public Prayer with 24 people participating in this course. For more see



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