Northern Ireland protocol has ‘potential to undermine trust in the political process’ – Bishops

by | 30 Jun, 2022 | Bishops, News

The Summer General Meeting of the Irish Catholic Bishops’ Conference concluded in Maynooth recently. During the meeting, bishops discussed the current situaiton concerning the Northern Ireland protocol.

In congratulating those elected in the Northern Ireland Assembly Elections on 5 May, bishops expressed their prayer-filled hope that there would soon be a functioning, effective and stable Assembly and Executive in Northern Ireland so as to tackle the major economic and social problems that are negatively affecting people, especially the most vulnerable.  Bishops echoed the reflections of the Northern Catholic Bishops before the elections, namely that a ‘functioning and stable Executive and Assembly will provide the most stable space to work through the important issues of reconciliation, legacy and our constitutional future.’

Bishops said, “recent developments regarding the Northern Ireland protocol have the potential to undermine trust in the political process and threaten economic wellbeing.  While these developments may be seen as simply in the realm of politics, the daily reality for people and communities in the North is that help is required – urgently – to deal with the cost of living crisis, the crisis in the health service, to protect peace and to serve the common good.  We urge political leaders once again to recognise that resolution is best found through negotiation, and the active engagement between the United Kingdom Government and the European Union, serving and promoting peace and stability.”



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