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1 Mar, 2016 | News

What does the future hold for Gaza? Has Sierra Leone recovered from Ebola? And how can we make climate change an election issue in Ireland?

These are the questions Trócaire is asking on Outside The Box, their new podcast.

Sean Farrell of Trócaire’s international division has recently returned from Gaza and the West Bank and he offers a fascinating insight into the complex problems faced in that region. He compares life the Palestinian territories with some of his other experiences in countries such as Zimbabwe and Romania, and speaks frankly about the ongoing land grab by illegal Israeli settlements.

Sorcha Fennell, Trócaire’s Head of Region for West Africa, recently travelled to Sierra Leone to assess how the country is progressing after the Ebola epidemic. She reports that while a sense of normality is returning, it is a fragile normality that masks continued vulnerability.

Finally, Emmet Sheerin of the Campaigns team speaks about his recent role as Joseph Bloggs, a satirical election candidate who thinks that Ireland needs to cash in on the climate crisis.

Outside The Box will be a regular podcast service from Trócaire, one which they hope will bring interesting insights from around the globe to their supporters.

Click here to listen to the first episode.


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