People of Killaloe Diocese urged to support missionaries on Mission Sunday

18 Oct, 2016 | News

The people in Killaloe Diocese have been urged to support missionaries working in some of the world’s poorest countries by donating during the forthcoming Mission Sunday collection on Sunday 23 October.  The theme for World Mission Sunday in Ireland this year 2016 is Every Christian is a Missionary.

Speaking at the launch of this year’s campaign, the newly appointed Bishop of Killaloe, Fintan Monahan said, We are justly proud in the Diocese of Killaloe of its rich missionary history. Countless priests, religious brothers and sisters and lay missionaries have gone to the ends of the earth to share the good news from among our own families and faith communities. They have been backed up and supported by tireless workers at home raising funds and offering spiritual support in prayer. I appeal to you to continue to remember the young churches throughout the world and to be as generous as you can in support of our Mission Sunday Collection on 23 October 23.

“This year Pope Francis has reminded us of the continued need for missionaries when we consider how many injustices, wars and humanitarian crises still need resolution. Missionaries know from experience that the Gospel of forgiveness and mercy can bring joy, reconciliation, justice and peace.”

Bishop Monahan continued, “On Mission Sunday, in a special way, we celebrate the heroism of approximately 1,300 Irish born missionaries still serving on the mission and all missionaries throughout the world. We thank God for them, for all who support them in our own country and during mission month we unite ourselves in prayer with them and with the communities with whom they work.”

Irish Catholics contributed more than €1.7 million on Mission Sunday last year. The Mission Sunday collection is made available to be distributed to as many as 1,100 young Churches who are supported by the generosity of Churches that have been blessed with a greater quantity of financial and material gifts.

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