Pioneer Association is a prayerful movement says first-ever woman president

by | 14 Mar, 2024 | Church, News

On Mother’s Day, Sunday 10 March, the Pioneer Total Abstinence Association appointed its first ever woman president in its 125 year history, Mrs Frances Egan (pictured).  Frances succeeds outgoing president Mr Matt Boylan from Cavan.

On her election, Egan thanked her supporters from the Connaught region who nominated her, and also the outgoing president Mr Matt Boylan, from Cavan, for his work in recent years.  Egan mentioned that she is looking forward to working with the Board of Management and Central Spiritual Director, Father Robert McCabe of the Diocese of Meath, during her three-year term of office.

Speaking to the Irish Independent Frances said, “I want people to join the Pioneer Association because it is a prayerful movement that prays for people who have problems with alcohol addiction, and for their families.”  Frances continued, “Alcohol is a big problem in Irish society.  It is up to us as Pioneers to do the best we can to encourage people to drink in moderation or to abstain altogether from alcohol for the good of those who have problems.”

Founded by Father James Cullen SJ along with an initial committee of four women at Gardiner Street, Dublin, the Pioneer Association has spread from Ireland to many countries since 1898.  The three aims of the Association include: wearing the emblem; pray twice daily for all who suffer from addiction, and, abstaining from alcohol for life.

For those who wish to mark one day at a time as they support people on a journey from addiction toward temperance, calendars are available from the Pioneer office at +353 (0)1 805 4226.



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