Pope Francis advises young people: ‘Dialogue, especially with those who disagree with you’

19 May, 2022 | News, Pope

On 16 May Pope Francis received a group of members of the “Political Fraternity” of the Chemin Neuf Community, inviting them to pursue their commitment to take action for the good of humanity. The Chemin-Neuf Political Fraternity brings together young people, from18 to 35 years old, who are drawn from different countries and political cultures, motivated by the same passion for the common good.

Addressing the group in the Vatican Pope Francis offered a reflection on the genuine meaning of politics for Christians, and said “Politics is encounter, reflection, action.”

The Holy Father explained that the Gospel demands that we love our enemies, and we are “called to see political encounters as fraternal encounters, especially with people who disagree with us.

“Without such a change of heart, politics often risks turning into a violent confrontation, where people try to impose their own ideas and pursue particular interests over the common good, contrary to the principle that “unity prevails over conflict” (cf. Evangelii Gaudium, 226-230).

“Our own compass for advancing this common project is the Gospel, which brings to the world a profoundly positive vision of humanity as loved by God.”

Pope Francis said he is happy to see that the Political Fraternity “is not satisfied to be merely a forum for discussion and exchange,” but is also directed toward concrete forms of commitment.  He said, “As Christians, we must always be realistic, confronting our ideas with hard reality, lest we build on sands that sooner or later end up shifting.”

Source: Vatican News



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