Pope Francis opens archives of Pius XII

2 Mar, 2020 | News

Today, 2 March 2020, Pope Francis has opened the Vatican Archives pertaining to the Pontificate of Pius XII. 2020 marks exactly 81 years since the election of Eugenio Pacelli to the See of Peter. Pope Francis made his announcement that he would open the archives last year on 4 March.

Pope Francis said, “Today he [Pope Pius XII] has been appropriately re-evaluated and indeed placed in the correct light for his many qualities: pastoral, above all, but also theological, ascetic, and diplomatic.”

The Pope continued, “The Church is not afraid of history, rather, she loves it, and would like to love it more and better, as God does! So, with the same trust of my predecessors, I open and entrust to researchers this documentary heritage.”

According to the news agency Zenit, Gary Krupp, of Pave the Way Foundation, demonstrated that the pope, was actually responsible for saving the lives of around 800,000 Jewish people.



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