Pope Francis prays for ‘martyred nation’ of Syria at General Audience

1 Mar, 2018 | News

During his General Audience on Wednesday 28 February, Pope Francis called Syria a ‘martyred nation’ and prayed for persecuted Christians throughout the world.

Pope Francis was greeting pilgrims and visitors from Syria, the Holy land and the Middle East, when he appealed for what he called ‘that martyred nation’ of Syria. The Holy Father continued ‘We must pray for these brothers and sisters of ours, and for all persecuted Christians’.

Due to the freezing temperatures in Rome, the general audience was held in two locations this week, first in the Paul VI Audience Hall and subsequently in Saint Peter’s Basilica.

The prayer follows Pope Francis’ heartfelt appeal for Syria made during the Sunday Angelus. The Holy Father highlighted the fact that this month of February was one of the most violent in seven years of conflict, adding that there had been thousands of civilian victims, including children, women, and the elderly.

Following the recitation of the Angelus Prayer, Pope Francis called for an immediate cessation of violence in what he called ‘the beloved and tormented Syria’ so that people can be evacuated and given access to aid.

(Source: Vatican News)


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