Pope Francis: the Cross is the gate of salvation

12 Mar, 2017 | News

Pope Francis prayed the Angelus with pilgrims and tourists gathered in Saint Peter’s Square on the Second Sunday of Lent.

In remarks ahead of the traditional prayer of Marian devotion, the Holy Father reflected on the Gospel reading of the day, which was taken from the 17th chapter of the Holy Gospel according to St. Matthew, and that recounted the Transfiguration of Our Lord.

“Transfigured on Mt. Tabor,” said Pope Francis, “Jesus desired to show His glory to His disciples, not to keep them from going through the Cross, but to show them to where He was carrying the Cross.

“Whoever dies with Christ, with Christ shall rise again,” said Pope Francis, “those who struggle with Him, with Him shall triumph.”

“The Cross is the gate of the Resurrection,” he said.

The Holy Father went on to say that the message of hope, which the Cross contains, is one that constantly calls us to be strong in our lives. “The Christian Cross is not something to hang in the house ‘to tie the room together’ [It. suppellettile di casa] or an ornament to wear, but a call to that love, with which Jesus sacrificed Himself to save humanity from sin and evil.”

“In this Lenten season,” said Pope Francis, “let us contemplate devoutly the image of the Crucified Lord: it is the symbol of the Christian faith; it is the symbol of Jesus, who died and rose for us. Let us make sure that the Cross marks the stages of our Lenten journey, that we might understand more and more [perfectly] the gravity of sin and the value of the sacrifice with which the Redeemer has saved us – all of us.”



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