Pope Francis: The Holy Trinity, where there is love there is God

23 May, 2016 | News

“The feast of the Holy Trinity invites us to engage in the daily events to be the leaven of communion, of consolation and of mercy.” Those were Pope Francis’ words during his Angelus address on a sunny Trinity Sunday from his studio above Saint Peter’s Square.

Drawing inspiration from the  Gospel of Saint John, the Pope said that Jesus knew how to be close to the realization of the Father’s plan, which will be fulfilled by his death and resurrection; “for this, Pope Francis continued, he wants to ensure his followers that he will not abandon them because his mission will be prolonged by the Holy Spirit.”

The Holy Father explained that the Holy Spirit “guides us into new life situations with an eye to Jesus and, at the same time, open to events and to the future.” “He takes care of the wounded flesh of humanity from injustice, oppression, hatred and greed.”

Then the Pope described how the Trinity is a family of three persons, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit which is not closed in on itself, but it is open,

The Trinitarian horizon of communion, said Pope Francis, “embraces us all, and encourages us to live in love and fraternal sharing, assured that where there is love, there is God.”

The Holy Father went on to say that, our being created in the image and likeness of God calls us to understand ourselves as beings living interpersonal relations in solidarity and love for one another.

Following the recitation of the Marian Prayer, the Pope recalled that May 23rdsees the start of the First World Humanitarian Summit, due to take place in Istanbul, Turkey. The Holy Father prayed that the participants would fully commit themselves to the main humanitarian goal, that is, “to save the life of every human being, without exception, especially the innocent and the defenseless.”

Pope Francis also noted that on Tuesday, 24 May, the Catholic faithful in China, would be celebrating their particular devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary “Help of Christians”, venerated in the Shrine of Sheshan in Shanghai. Let us ask Mary, he said, “ to give his children in China the ability to discern at all times the signs of the loving presence of God, who always welcomes and forgives.”


Source: Vatican Radio



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