Relics of Saint Anthony of Padua to visit Armagh, Dublin, Derry and Ardagh & Clonmacnois this week

13 Jun, 2016 | News

The Relics of Saint Anthony of Padua, which arrived in Ireland on Thursday 9 June, continue their journey in Ireland this week, visiting the dioceses of Derry and Ardagh and Clonmacnois, and the Archdioceses of Armagh and Dublin. The relics are accompanied on their tour by Father Mario Conte, editor of the Messenger of Saint Anthony. Large crowds are expected to gather to venerate the relics of the much loved saint of lost things.

Today, Monday 13 June, on the Feast Day of Saint Anthony, the relics will arrive at Saint Mary’s Pro Cathedral in the Diocese of Dublin. Archbishop Diarmuid Martin will welcome the relics, celebrating a special Mass for the Feast Day at 5.45pm. Canon Damian O’Reilly, Administrator of the Pro-Cathedral will celebrate Mass at 12.45pm and veneration will continue between Masses until evening Mass at 8.00pm.

On Tuesday 14 June, the Relics of Saint Anthony will arrive in Saint Mel’s Cathedral in Longford, in the Diocese of Ardagh and Clonmacnois. Mass in the cathedral will be celebrated at 1.00pm and at 6.30pm and after each Mass, people will be invited to approach the Relics and to receive a special blessing. The relics will be exposed for veneration from 2.00pm – 6.00pm and after the 6.30pm Mass until 8.00pm.

The relics will arrive in Saint Eugene’s Cathedral, Derry on Wednesday 15 June. A Ceremony of Welcome will commence at 12.00pm, followed by veneration of the relics until 7.15pm. Mass will be held at 7.30pm followed by veneration until 10.00 pm. On Thursday, there will be Mass at 8am and 10.00am, both followed by veneration, concluding with a ceremony of farewell at 11.00am.

Later on Thursday, the relics will reach their final Irish destination in Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, Armagh. The relics will be welcomed at the Cathedral at 4.00pm and a special Mass will be celebrated on that evening by Archbishop Eamon Martin, Archbishop of Armagh, at 7.30pm. Prayers will be offered on Thursday at 5.30pm and 10.00pm, with veneration available throughout the day. Masses will take place on Friday at 8.00am and 10.00am. The relics will depart at 1.00pm to begin a tour of Scotland and England.



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