Requiem for a Child – A unique celebration in Carlow Cathedral on Sunday 13 November

4 Nov, 2016 | News

Father Liam Lawton, a priest of the Diocese of Kildare and Leighlin was invited by Mary Amond O’ Brien to write some music for a special commemoration of this 1916 centenary year. What emerged is Requiem for a Child in which Father Lawton has taken various elements of the Requiem in the Latin, Irish and English languages to reflect the immensity of what happened to the children of 1916 and what sadly is still happening throughout the world today.

Requiem for a Child will have its Irish and World premiere as part of a truly unique celebration in Carlow Cathedral on Sunday 13 November, when Aspiro choir will perform a concert entitled ‘Remembering The Child’ at 8.30pm.

This concert will see 90 children and young adults aged 4 to 18, the same age as those who suffered in 1916 and continue to suffer in wars today, alongside 25 members of ‘Aspiro Choir’ performing.

For the children of 1916 there were no funerals or funeral orations, no memorials erected, no inquiries into the causes of deaths, no compensation. Through the power of this original commission, and venerable and established music, Aspiro  hopes to encourage members and audience alike to reflect on the 40 children aged 16 and under who were killed in the 1916 Rising; and the children who are undergoing unimaginable pain and suffering in the countless wars raging across the planet in 2016.

Father Lawton’s new commission Requiem For A Child’ uses Irish, English and Latin text and will form the centre-piece of a specially selected programme of songs.  In the ‘Remembering’ and ‘Reimagining’ sections of this concert music from various composers around the world, and from two Irish composers – Shaun Davey and Sue Furlong – will be performed by the choir. Excerpts from Joe Duffy’s Children of the Rising book will be narrated throughout the evening.


Requiem for a Child has been written for choir , string quartet, piano and uilieann pipes, and has been beautifully arranged by Mark Cahill under the direction of Mary Amond O’ Brien.

The celebration takes place on Sunday 13 November at 8.30pm for a one night only performance in this significant year in the beautiful setting of the Cathedral of the Assumption, Carlow.

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