Sharing the Wisdom of Time with Pope Francis on Netflix

21 Dec, 2021 | News

Pope Francis has always been a champion of intergenerational dialogue and in 2018 commissioned a book which shares the insights of older people from around the globe with young people today. The award-winning Sharing the Wisdom of Time pools the wisdom of elders with the passion and energy of youth, empowering our younger generations to step into the world of tomorrow with wisdom and understanding.

Now Netflix has produced a new four-part documentary, Stories of a Generation, inspired by this beautifully-produced, heart-warming and wise book. It is set for Netflix global release on Christmas Day.

The series features profiles of 18 elders featured in the book, across five continents and is filmed and produced by talented young filmmakers under the age of 30. The filmmakers worked under the direction of Fernando Meirelles, who directed The Two Popes.

The series also features special commentary from Pope Francis himself.

You can watch a trailer here: 



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