‘Special thought goes to those who didn’t get to travel for a funeral Mass in 2020’ – Bishop Brennan

4 Nov, 2020 | News

Bishop Denis Brennan of Ferns has called for the faithful to pray for the dead and bereaved during the month of November.

Speaking ahead of last Sunday’s special service for the remembrance of the dead that took place across the island at 3pm, Bishop Brennan said, “This year is particularly difficult, when we remember not only those who died as a result of coronavirus, but we remember the tremendous toll that restrictions on funerals – and in some cases, limited access to loved ones at the time of their passing – has brought.

“As we look back on 2020, special thought goes to those who didn’t get to travel for a funeral Mass; a son or daughter who could only participate from abroad online; a kindly neighbour, relative or friend, who generously ‘stood back’ to ensure that somebody else could attend the church in person.”

The Bishop of Ferns continued, “For November, I invite the people of the diocese to light a candle, to visit the graves of loved ones and family members, to phone a person grieving and to avail of the opportunity to have relatives and friends remembered in name, in their local parishes.”

In conclusion, quoting the American writer, Thornton Wilder, Bishop Brennan said, “There is a land of the living and a land of the dead and the bridge is love.

“The love which bridges this apparent gap, is prayer. In the communion of saints, we believe that we can assist them by our prayers, and they can assist us by theirs.”



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