Synodal Pathway training equips participants with “knowledge, skills and hope”

by | 13 Mar, 2024 | Church, News, Synod

Members of parishes, dioceses, Church movements and associations are currently participating in facilitative leadership training sessions for the Synodal Pathway of the Catholic Church in Ireland.

While the training consists of online and follow up sessions, the main, in-person, sessions are having a real impact on those participating.

After the recent training session in Knock, one participant said, “The level of openness and engagement amongst the participants was really inspiring.  We came in having a certain understanding of synodality, but are going away armed with knowledge, practical skills and hopefulness.  Most importantly, the weekend and this movement is being led by the Holy Spirit.  We just have to learn to give more space to this.”

Also reflecting on their training experience another participant commented, “For the first time in a long time I feel empowered and fired up about what we do in our parish.  Whether you are on a pastoral council, a deacon or helping out as a pastoral worker, we now have the opportunity to weave synodality into our work.  Although I came into this a little unsure, I come away feeling revived and happy.  I may not have all the skills of a Christian leader, but know I have begun.”

The training, which takes place in six different locations around the island, consists of both online and in-person modules along with follow-up reflective sessions to support participants.  This pilot training programme is being funded by the Irish Synodal Pathway and is particularly aimed at:

  • active members of a Parish Pastoral Council, Diocesan Pastoral Council or Diocesan Synodal Team;
  • active members of a Religious Congregation, Ecclesial Movement or Association of Lay Faithful;
  • priests, lay pastoral workers, deacons, or religious brothers or sisters in parish ministry; and,
  • people actively engaged in other diocesan programmes.

For further information about the programme or to register an interest in participating in the future, please email [email protected]



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