“The sick had a special place in the mission of Christ” – Archbishop Diarmuid Martin

11 Feb, 2020 | News

World Day of the Sick is celebrated today 11 February. To mark World Day of the Sick, Archbishop Diarmuid Martin celebrated Mass in the Church of the Guardian Angels, Newtownpark Avenue, 9 February 2020.

During his homily, Archbishop Diarmuid Martin said, “The sick always had a special place in the mission of Jesus Christ.  Everywhere he went, he healed the sick and lightened the burdens that prevented men and women from realising their dignity. When Jesus went to his own hometown, the Gospel tells us that he could not work miracles there because of their lack of faith.”

He continued, “We come together as a Christian community this afternoon to celebrate the World Day of the Sick and to welcome our sick brothers and sisters as privileged members of our community. We come to be with them and to support them but also to learn from them. The faith of the sick is stronger than our own sense of self-sufficiency. The faith of the sick challenges us to see where our hearts truly lie.”

Speaking in relation to the general election held on 8 February, Archbishop Diarmuid Martin said, “We have among us doctors, nurses and carers with extraordinary human qualities and dedication. Yet many aspects of our health care system are scandalous. Our extraordinary doctors, nurses, and carers feel let down. Sick children and the elderly are left waiting and exasperated. Hopefully, the many commentaries and the many promises we have heard in these election days will not remain empty words. We have an obligation to keep our leaders to their words.”



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