Tributes paid to Sister Clare Crockett following her death in Ecuador

19 Apr, 2016 | News

Click here for a short video featuring Sister Clare Crockett, Servant Sister of the Home of the Mother, who passed away when the community’s house collapsed during the earthquake that hit the Ecuadorian coast on 16 April.

Sister Clare, 33 years old, was born in Ireland. She had been consecrated nearly 15 years in the Servant Sisters. This video is a compilation of different moments when she spoke about her vocation and experiences in the missions.

Many tributes have been paid to Sister Clare since news came through about her death. Archbishop Eamon Martin shared the following on Twitter:

Rest in peace . You died answering call to Your family in Derry/Ecuador are in our prayers. (@ArchbishopEamon)

Speaking to the Irish Independent newspaper, Father Roland Coulhoun, a priest from her native diocese of Derry, said:

The terrible news has devastated all who knew her. This is a young girl who gave her life to God and died for the Gospel. She literally died in the line of duty. She was a joyful girl, I’ve known her since she was a teenager. She was a beautiful person. I’ll remember the joy that she brought to her youth group and the enthusiasm she showed for her vocation to religious life. It’s counter-cultural to join a religious order for a young girl and she embraced it. We’ll remember her with such affection. She was 33 but had the vitality of a teenager to the end.

Pope Francis has also tweeted his condolences and offered his prayers for all the victims of the earthquake

We pray for the earthquake victims in Ecuador and Japan. May God and all our brothers and sisters give them help and support. (@Pontifex)




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